Want to make content management easy? There’s a CMS for that!

When guiding you through your digital journey, ensuring you get the website, SEO plan and digital marketing strategy you need for the long haul is important to us.

Your website in particular needs to be as future proof as possible, especially when it comes to the content that populates your web pages and blog roll. The modern day website is after all far from static, which makes keeping your website up to date with the latest goings on, industry insights, and products or services important for your business and its target audience. With this in mind, being able to manage your own content easily is vital to your operations.

We incorporate content management systems (CMS) into many of our websites for this very reason, and as you’ll discover in this blog post, there are many more advantages to using a CMS…

Enjoy all the management without the programming

Updating the content on your website should be easy, many websites however require someone with programming experience to access, amend and add content. A CMS – like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Silverstripe – allows content to be managed appropriately without any coding knowledge.

Updating the images and text site-wide is as simple as using Microsoft Word with the content editing features of the most popular content management systems.

Make light work of content management together

Using a CMS is so simple that every member of the team can get involved regardless of their area of expertise. With a content management system, multiple team members can access and update your website at any one time to ensure easy collaboration across all departments.

Access the latest and greatest tools and plugins

Another perk of using a CMS is the abundance of SEO tools and plugins that are at your disposal. Optimising your website with the search engines in mind is the key to online success, and with algorithms changing regularly, your website has to move with the times to continue ranking.

Although tools and plugins offer a very basic way to boost your website’s SEO efforts, every little helps when increasing your visibility on the World Wide Web.

Secure your website against all manner of threats

Cybercrime is on the rise, which means every website has to be prepared for the worst. Hackers and fraudsters don’t just target big name brands, the websites of SMEs, start-ups and freelance ventures are all vulnerable to cyber-attack.

With content management systems continuously tested for security threats, your website will be in good hands with the various security plugins, tools and patches that are accessible.

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