Small business, big ambitions – how to create a website that works for you

Being a small business is today’s climate can be a real challenge. Along with the usual difficulties of establishing yourself as a leader in a competitive and often overcrowded marketplace, there’s more hurdles to jump as we negotiate life post-lockdown.

Whatever stage your business is at and whichever sector or target audience you serve, being the proud owner of a great website as well as a brilliant business concept can make all the difference.

As a digital agency that specialises in web design, SEO and marketing, we’ve helped small businesses just like you carve out a name for themselves with the right online representation. But how can you create a small business website that complements your big business ambitions? Rather easily with the following top tips!

Start with the perfect domain name

It’s not just the website itself that has to make a big impression on your target audience. The domain name you choose has to be equally as impressive to wow and be found by the most discerning consumers.

When picking a domain that’s right for you, keep it short, sweet, simple and memorable. Your domain name has to be easy to spell too, so preferably don’t include slang or words of your own creation! You should avoid using numbers and hyphens in your domain name, and always choose a proper extension, like ‘.com’ or ‘’.

Select hosting that’s fast and secure

Where you host your website is another tell-tale sign of a half-decent website. Avoid shared servers, and if you can stretch to it, choose a dedicated server to ensure your site performs well. Selecting a hosting provider that’s well known for their customer care is another must for getting support when you need it.

Be direct about what you do

Don’t leave browsers confused as soon as they hit your homepage. Make sure that at first glance, it’s clear what your business does with a straightforward description in your banner. You can then use the content across the rest of your website to elaborate on your products or services in a more personable or professional way.

Keep people engaged with your design

How your website looks and feels will make all the difference to how many browsers convert to customers. Use graphics and easy to read fonts to your advantage, use content that’s specifically made for your target audience, keep your brand consistent throughout, and make your navigation intuitive so visitors can get to exactly where they need to be.

To go beyond the basics of a boss small business website, get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.