Simple Ways to Solve Four Common Web Design Problems

Four Common Web Design Problems…

Getting the most out of your website is all about streamlining the experience for users and smoothing out any problems that might get in the way of that experience. To help you ensure that your website is a slick, user-friendly machine, here are some easy solutions to web design factors that might be holding you back.

1 – Visitors can’t find my products easily

If you have a pile of products listed on your site then allowing users to effortlessly browse through them to find what they want should be a priority. Fortunately there are a number of things that you can do to make your products easy to navigate:

  • Arrange similar products into separate, categorised pages
  • Install a search bar on your site so that users can narrow down the specific item they’re looking for

2 – My pages take too long to load

In the age of superfast broadband, many people expect a website to load almost instantly, and every extra second that your page takes to load increases the chance that visitors will simply click away. There are several ways that you can reduce load time:

  • Reduce the number of images per page, and/or reduce the size and resolution of those images
  • Use http compression to reduce the size of the page files and the number of files that need to be sent
  • Use browser caching to save copies of certain pages onto the user’s hard drive that can then be quickly retrieved

3 – People say my text is difficult to read

If people can’t read your site, they’re unlikely to make a purchase from it. Choose your backgrounds carefully – avoid those which are ‘busy’ or garish, and ensure that the text is easily visible in all areas of the screen. Additionally, only use web-friendly fonts like Arial, Courier New and Times New Roman.

4 – Visitors are leaving my site without completing a purchase

If you’re getting plenty of site traffic but few sales then you may need to look at the pathway between the user arriving on the site and the point where they make a purchase. Reduce the number of clicks needed to get from looking at a product to making the final sale, and ensure that your payment web form is short and simple to use.