Progressive Web Apps – The Future of Your Website

Progressive Web Apps – The Future of Your Website

The online world as we know it is always evolving. It seems like every passing day sees a new technology come to the forefront to improve the web experience for you and your customers. Ensuring your website keeps up with the latest will guarantee that your customers can browse your services or shop your product range better than ever before.

First proposed as the next big thing for the mobile web by Google back in 2015, progressive web apps are set to transform the way your website works four years later. But what exactly is a progressive web app, and how will it change your website and the experience it offers?

What is a progressive web app?

Billed as ‘the web… but better’ by many excited developers, progressive web apps are certainly where your website is heading. Businesses may have spent years developing dedicated mobile apps, but your website could soon offer the same experience. It’s a new, modern web application standard being introduced by Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and other organisations. It’ll help your website behave more like a native app, delivering an in-app experience whatever device a user is utilising.

The development of mobile-first standards has paved the way for progressive web apps. When a user visits your progressive web app or website, even for the first time, they’ll be asked whether they’d like to install it. When it is installed the progressive web app is launched to ensure quick loading, push notifications and syncing support are all available as standard. With a progressive web app, your website will even be accessible when a user is offline or in areas with low network coverage.

How will my website be better?

With progressive web apps you’ll get the user experience of a native app for a fraction of the cost. Thanks to its in-app like customer journey, you can connect with even more users, even when they’re not connected to the net. The web experience will be faster and more reliable as a result, with the installable site able to be launched everywhere and anywhere.

The responsive element still remains a key part of the progressive web app standard. That means it’ll work on desktop and mobile as well as deliver the exciting features mentioned above. Despite its independent connectivity, progressive web apps are extremely safe. They’re served by HTTPS so the content of your website can’t be altered without your permission or your customers snooped on. Customer re-engagement is also made easy with its push notifications feature.

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