New Website for Carter and Fitch

Carter and Fitch…

As a brand new smokehouse and pizzeria, opening to the public earlier this year, Carter and Fitch was keen to make an impact on the local restaurant scene, and called on our team of website designers to assist. We’re no stranger to the brand, in fact, our team has worked closely with its owners on projects in the past, so we were delighted when they approached us to work with them again!

The brief

To continue the communication of their brand online and its positive promotion to its target area and audience, a brief to create a website that was as clean and crisp as the look used offline in their Washington based eatery was delivered. The website had to be both fully responsive and visually impactive to ensure the right chord was struck with those new to Carter and Fitch, and customers who had already dined with them since opening their doors in early 2016.

The restaurant itself had been designed from scratch by a local interior design agency so the website’s visual prowess was an important part of the concept and an essential route that the brand wanted to explore to draw people in. Along with the visuals, the website’s usability, the use of mouth-watering copy, the incorporation of downloadable menus and the placement of links to book a table throughout the platform were also key requirements.

The process

As our web design team had worked with the owners behind Carter and Fitch previously, the client was confident enough to give us free reign to design and develop a site that we felt was fitting to their industry and attractive to their client base. Nevertheless, our team met with the client directly to present our ideas and agree on various elements of the project, including the website’s colour scheme. We then began to develop the wireframe of the site, which, once completed, gave us the foundation to launch the full design and build.

The result

Whilst the design seen on their live website is just the first draft, we can report that Carter and Fitch was so delighted with it that what you see now is the finished product. In fact, the team didn’t want to change a thing! To see the finished result for yourself, please visit

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