How to Make your Web Design Pop

Make your Web Design ‘Pop’…

Some websites instantly catch our eye and draw us in, simply by virtue of their striking aesthetic design. They ‘pop’. While web design isn’t a beauty contest and there are many things besides pure looks to consider, those sites that really do look good will capture the attention of visitors instantly and stand a better chance of making a sale than one which is bland or even unpleasant to look at. So what makes a web design pop?

The colour of magic

The colour scheme of your website is a substantial contributing factor to the overall visual impact it delivers. On the one hand you might try to choose colours that perfectly complement each other, or you might try a contrasting approach with two or more colours that are strikingly different, like orange and black. But whatever colour combination you choose, remember to make sure that the content can be easily read. White lettering on a pale blue background is an instant turnoff.

Positions, people

Where you place your text, pictures, boxes etc will also have a significant effect on the first impressions people have on your website. People generally like to see things align with each other, as it brings a sense of order and organisation. By following a grid system during your web design you can make sure that everything neatly lines up and is pleasant to the eye. Remember to keep your primary content ‘above the fold’ so that visitors don’t have to scroll down to get to the meat of your message.

Image is everything

Well-chosen images can really tie your web design together and give it that little bit of extra pep. Use powerful images that really reflect the values that are important to your company and what it is you actually do or sell. Avoid stock images that have been seen a thousand times before elsewhere on the web.

Get the look

All stunning websites have a ‘look’. There’s something about them which is distinctive and quite different than those seen elsewhere. Try to work a unique motif or visual theme into your web design that people will instantly associate with your brand. Working with a graphic designer or visual artist to craft some colourful and imaginative graphics for your site can be well worth the investment.


KISS, or ‘keep it simple, stupid’, is a concept worth bearing in mind when you’re jazzing up your website. Doing so will help ensure that you’re not making your site hard to use and navigate during your pursuit of visual excellence.