Is Your Website Responsive?

Why it’s Time to Make the Change…

Whether you are looking to turn your existing and highly traditional bricks and mortar business into an online sensation, want to base the sales of products and services predominantly online or wish to overhaul your current online platform for something shiny and new, the word ‘responsive’ may have cropped up a number of times during the planning process.

For website designers like us, there’s no doubt that responsive websites are indeed the future, but why exactly should you invest in a responsive online platform? And what rewards can your business reap by doing so? Read on to discover why now is the time to make the change when it comes to embracing a responsive website.

Because multi-device browsing is so now

Back in the days of dial-up internet it was a luxury to have your own desktop computer to browse from rather than paying a set fee at your local library for the privilege, yes, it’s safe to say that things have (thankfully) moved on.

As well as the use of mobiles for browsing the net being commonplace in today’s highly technological world – we spend more time browsing from our mobiles than any other device – there are a number of other devices that are currently in the mix, meaning your website has to look great on all types of gadgetry. By opting for a responsive website, your products or services can be browsed across all devices.

Because investing in user experience is vital

In the online marketing world it’s no secret that getting to know what your audience wants and needs from your brand can mean the difference between PR success and a promotional fail, and the same tactics should be used when it comes to the development of your website. A focus on creating a positive user experience has always been a must in our web design agency, as well as making your website look pretty, functionality is the key to reducing bounce backs and increasing sales.

The simple truth of the matter is that if your website isn’t responsive, visitors are likely to go elsewhere to another website, probably run by a competitor, for similar goods or services.

Because search engines AND browsers love responsiveness!

As well as providing a more positive experience on-site, a responsive website allows you to create a buzz about your brand off-site too. The incorporation of social media and content marketing can be easily done with a responsive website, with many strategies even increasing traffic. A responsive website is also preferred by search engines, so focusing on better cross platform performance could in fact bump you up the search results.

Start your journey to a more responsive online platform today by contacting our website designers.