Is Your Website Hacking it?

A website provides the perfect platform for your business to connect online with new and existing customers. It’s certain to have been a labour of love when it was first built but over time your website may need a little more help to provide the user experience your customers deserve. As the online face of your brand, your website has to deliver on all fronts to ensure your customers can learn more about your business and its products or services, and ultimately make their way to your checkout or contact page in as fewer clicks as possible.

It’s all too easy to let your website fall behind the times, particularly as the online world seems to move so fast these days. But what are the signs that say it’s time to consider an upgrade?

A dated design

Keeping up with the latest website design trends isn’t easy. They’re evolving constantly, and whilst the design you sport doesn’t have to be the most cutting edge, a dated design that no longer represents what you’re all about needs to be altered.

Your design should sum up your brand at first glance as well as help you stand out from competitors. Your new design doesn’t have to be fancy and elaborate. A simple, user-friendly platform with graphics, images and content that signifies your brand and its mission will stand the test of time.

Super slow load times

Slow page load times are one of the primary reasons why so many consumers go elsewhere. In addition to impacting website performance, slow load times can directly affect revenue, with 20% of online shoppers choosing to abandon their purchase if the checkout process is too slow.

Whether it’s super slow page load times that are causing your high bounce rates, poor website design, a complicated journey from your landing page to checkout, or a disconnect between your website and your brand, an upgrade will ensure issues can be addressed to get your website back on track.

An unresponsive experience

Consumers shop from a variety of devices, and your website has to be accessible on all. It’s amazing how many sites aren’t responsive! If yours isn’t, then an upgrade will ensure it works well across a multitude of platforms, including mobile, desktop and tablet.

Poor SEO ranking

Your website is a key driver for good SEO so make sure it isn’t left behind and gets found by all the right people. Relevance is a big ranking factor for Google and other search engines. A website overhaul will ensure you’re providing a positive and relevant experience that ranks well in your area of expertise.

Thinking of upgrading your website? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our web design experts can assist, simply contact us today to discuss your requirements.