Ineffective web design…

Why Poor Web Design Should be One Bugbear That Your Business Resolves

According to a recent survey, ineffective web design could be one of the major reasons why your client base isn’t growing as it should be! The lack of mobile-friendliness in particular has proved to be a major downfall for those looking to expand their reach online.

In 2013 alone mobile data traffic grew by 81% confirming that as a nation of online browsers tablets and smartphones certainly reign supreme! Google’s Think Insights also backs up the smartphone and tablet takeover reporting that landing pages that aren’t mobile compatible have up to a 61% bounce rate, meaning you could be driving potential customers into the arms of your competitors.

Our Newcastle web design team specialist in creating mobile compatible sites that users love, here we share the tips that will have new and existing customers coming back for more, whatever device they choose to use…

Put mobile design first

By putting mobile design first and making desktop view a secondary priority, you can ensure that the site you create is compatible from the outset. There are many mobile compatibility priorities that will influence the design and development phases, for example when it comes to loading pages time matters. Developing a fast and agile mobile site will in fact lower bounce rates, which of course leads to more custom.

Keep content concise

Working your design around the constraints that go hand-in-hand with mobile sites is a challenge that our professional designers have mastered. Content is just one aspect that will need a bit of chopping and changing for mobile view. Make your most important content a priority on your mobile site and leave the lengthier spiel for desktop viewing.

Man needs tools!

There are a variety of tools that can be embraced to improve your site’s mobile compatibility. Bootstrap is the globe’s most popular mobile-first framework, and its many features can be used to perfect the front end look and components for a sleeker, more intuitive and ultimately more powerful mobile ready site.

Embrace responsive media queries

There are a wide range of media queries that can be applied to improve the mobile friendliness of your site and enhance user experience to keep potential customers browsing your website. Responsive media queries are essentially filters that can be incorporated to change the style of the site and adapt characteristics to work on various devices. Display types, widths, heights, orientation and even resolution can be controlled and made responsive.

To make your site into a mobile ready, responsive and user-focussed machine, contact our web design team today on 0191 209 1529.