How to Create a Web Experience Your Customers Love

Consumers are more savvy than ever. With the rise and rise of online shopping, those looking to purchase a product or try a service have more information at their disposal, sources that can be used to broaden their buying horizons. As a result, businesses have to work even harder to impress.

Your website is a vital part of capturing the attention of your target audience. Investing in marketing to help get your site seen is just the beginning. Once consumers hit your landing page, you have to take them on a journey that turns them from browsers to buyers. So, how on earth do you achieve that? It all starts with your customer experience strategy…

What makes a customer experience great?

There are a number of steps you can take to create a web experience that your customers will love, steps that we’ll explore later. You must however understand what a great customer experience is.

A great customer experience relies on communication, interaction and engagement. Without these, your brand will fall at the first hurdle. Interaction should be possible not just through your website but via other touchpoints. Touchpoints are different channels and devices that potential customers can use to contact your brand. Once a consumer has made contact via the touchpoint, a channel of communication can be opened, engagement can begin and the right impression can be made. But once contact has been established and a conversation sparked, how can you keep it going?

How can I improve the customer experience?

To create a great customer experience strategy, you must understand your audience. Answering the all-important “Who are they?”, “What do they want?” and “Why do they want it?” will provide the intelligence you need to craft a journey that works for your audience. Once you know who your audience are and how your business fits into the equation, you should then work backwards to give them exactly what they want. Split your journey into stages to ensure no detail is missed when attending to your customer needs.

Adapting your website and wider user experience will be necessary. A badly designed website can halt the most meticulously planned customer experience strategy in its tracks. Make sure the design of your website is consistent with your brand. Ensure it continues across all touchpoints, including your apps, email and social media platforms. Prioritise simplicity too, making sure consumers can get to where they want to be in as fewer clicks as possible.

Your customer experience strategy should never be static. Capturing customer feedback and using it to adapt your journey further will help you deliver everything your audience needs, wherever the market takes you.

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