Getting back to business: Top ways to freshen up your website

With lockdown measures slowly easing, many businesses are currently looking for ways to reintroduce their products or services into society. For the companies who couldn’t operate during lockdown, now is the perfect time to get back to business with a bang.

Freshening up your website is the easiest and most impactive way of boosting your business image, and you’ll not only feel the effects of an improved on-site image online. Brand awareness, business opportunities, traffic and follower bases, income, and customer loyalty could all be heightened with the right changes. We talk you through the top ways to freshen up your website for better business post-lockdown.

Speed things up

There’s nothing worse than a sluggish site. Slow speed and poor performance will only lead to frustration for customers and that could just lose you business as visitors simply won’t stick around.  Search engines also take page load speed into account so the ranking of your website is likely to suffer as a result.

There’s a long list of ways to decrease page load time and up your website’s performance. Completing a free PageSpeed Insights check is the best way to analyse your web pages and discover the solutions that will make them faster.

Embrace the fold

Despite being hotly debated, the fold of your website still matters. The fold is the web browser window’s bottom border and placing your best content above this can make all the difference to a web page’s engagement. Content placed below the fold is generally not read as often. Use this knowledge to your advantage by improving your on-page content above the fold.

Rewrite content to include power words and highlight in detail the benefits of your products or services. You should also use clear, descriptive headlines and include media (such as images, videos and audio) to make the content more appealing. Repositioning your call to action above the fold can make a big difference too.

Get back to basics

Making a few simple tweaks to the wider design can give your company website a fresh, new online look. Getting back to basics is the key to success, with simplicity favoured by most browsers these days. Look at your website through the eyes of your visitors – or better yet, ask a family member, friend or work colleague to cast an eye over it – to identify any visual complexities. The sidebar and layout are usually great candidates for improvement.

Say goodbye to carousels, sliders, tabs and accordions, and prioritise scrolling over clicking to simplify your site and increase engagement.

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