Getting Back to Basics

3 Ways to Simplify Your Website Design…

When it comes to web design, it’s easy to get carried away particularly if your budget is limitless. However, what many businesses new to the web or looking to upgrade their existing website miss is that less is indeed more. Whilst browsers say they want all the bells and whistles, in reality those wanting to purchase goods via your website or browse the latest information regarding your services, want to do so as easily and as quickly as possible.

As a leading web design agency, our specialists have helped businesses everywhere make their web design dreams come true. Our website designers offer their top tips on getting back to basics with the design, layout and navigation of your online platform…

Keep it clean

Whilst the minimalistic look isn’t everyone’s favourite, keeping your website clean is a sure fire way to putting style AND functionality at the top of your agenda. Today’s browsers are looking for a design that is clutter free and easy to navigate, so give them exactly what they need by keeping it clean. Remember however, that clean doesn’t have to mean boring, in fact it gives you heaps of room to put your brand across to your target audience in a creative and thoughtful way.

Another point to consider is that when it comes to the design of your website, it’s the customer, not yourself, who you should aim to satisfy so keep this in mind at every stage.

It’s all about the navigation

As well as providing a clean, concise and brand orientated design for your audience to lay their eyes on, concentrating on the ease of your navigation is key. The placement, labelling, implementation and site-wide consistency of your navigation deserves careful thought during the design process so make sure these factors are at the very top of your agenda.

Pareto still rules

According to the Universal Principles of Design, the Pareto rule dictates that “approximately 80% of the effects generated by any large system are caused by 20% of the variables in that system”. Often referred to as the 80-20 theory, the rule can have a major impact on your website’s user experience. The rule can be applied to every aspect of the design process to ensure the right balance is struck between being sharable and providing real added value for everyone who visits your finished website.

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