Enhance UX on your website with these top tips

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If there’s one resolution any business with a website should make for 2023, it’s to enhance the user experience (UX) offered on their website. User experience is a vital consideration, or at least it should be. An engaging, effective and efficient UX unlocks countless benefits for both company and customer.

A user experience that ticks all the right boxes can help you boost conversions, improve SEO performance, increase brand loyalty and awareness, and ultimately gain more leads. While the definition of what a good user experience is varies from consumer to consumer, ensuring that the user experience on offer via your website delivers results in a fast and fluid way is one thing that every would-be customer wants.

So, how can you make 2023 the year of great UX? Read our top tips to find out!

Make great content the backbone of your site

Content is the key to successful engagement. Filling your web pages and blog roll with content that your target audience finds useful, interesting and insightful will keep them engaged and enjoying your website for longer, meaning they’re more likely to go ahead and make that purchase.

Valuable, relevant, custom content also promotes trust, a vital ingredient that will help you bag more leads as a reputable online business. Keep the information you provide across your website concise and efficient to see the very best results.

Rethink the layout of your web pages

While artistic designs influenced by the latest, cutting edge trends look pretty great, they don’t necessarily deliver the best user experience. Embracing a minimalist approach will enable you to cut through the noise and get potential customers exactly where they need to be.

Reduce clutter and make the layout and navigation of your website as simple and straightforward as possible.

Give those pop-ups a miss

Pop-up windows are soooo 1999, yet many websites still incorporate pop-up and autoplay features, much to the annoyance of browsers! In your quest for a clutter free, concise and winning user experience, be sure to skip these additions.

Keep things speedy and responsive

Pop-ups aside, there’s nothing more infuriating than a slow, unresponsive website. With the right improvements, your website can be the responsive, super speedy platform every consumer wants to use and it’ll help your business reduce its bounce rates dramatically.

Your website should also be responsive across a range of devices to ensure it’s accessible to all, whatever they choose to browse your products or services from.

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