How to Drive Conversions To My Website

Five Ways to Drive Conversions through Good Web Design…

First and foremost, an effective website should showcase your company and what you have to offer. But it should also do more than that; it should generate results, whether in the form of sales, subscriptions, enquiries or anything else. As well as being easy to use, your site should intuitively guide the visitor towards the point that they become a customer, or at the very least a promising lead. Here are five ways that you can leverage your web design to drive conversions and boost your online success.

1 – Practice simplicity and clarity

Your web design should bring what is special about your company to the forefront. That doesn’t mean jazzing up your home page with all manner of bells, whistles and hoopla. It means presenting your site in a clear way that makes it easy for visitors to navigate.

2 – Appear professional

You’ve got just a few seconds to make a positive impression on the customer, and the best way to do so is with a web design that looks professional. Would you rather buy from someone in a smart, clean suit or someone in jeans and t-shirt? Once you’ve got past the customer’s initial visual filters you can set about impressing them further.

3 – Make your call to action a button

Whether you want users to buy your product, register an account or subscribe to a mailing list, a call to action (CTA) is essential. The CTA tells them what to do next and how to do it. While saying something like ‘contact us today to find out more’ can work, having a button that just says ‘contact us’ and then opens an email program is much more direct.

4 – Include suggestions for other pages and products

Offering customers alternative/ complementary products or suggesting pages that may interest them can keep them on your site for longer and increase the chances of a conversion.

5 – Test your design

Try using A/B testing to determine what page configurations are the most effective. Sometimes something as simple as moving a button can have a significant impact on conversion rates.