5 ways to refresh your website for spring

Spring is almost upon us, which means you’ll be gearing up for an epic seasonal cleanse at home. Whether refreshing your interior, or organising your belongings the benefits of a spring clean are many. But, why should unlocking these perks be restricted to the home?

For companies with websites, refreshing your online platform for better performance, user experience and engagement is a great step forward. With our top tips you can do just that before those first days of spring.

Read on to discover five ways to refresh your website and enjoy the benefits of a more responsive, brand-orientated and audience-focussed platform.

  1. Revisit your content

The words you use to communicate your brand need to be up-to-date and relevant to resonate with your audience and inspire them to buy from your business. Look closely at the content across your web pages as well as your social media profiles to ensure you are presenting a confident and cohesive brand that reflects your business accurately.

  1. Revise the fundamentals

Pay close attention to the keywords and phrases you incorporate into your content. Review all of the calls to action you use to motivate browsers to become fully fledged customers.

  1. Remember – it’s more than words

Your website content includes more than just written words. The imagery, videos and additional multimedia on your website needs to be in tune with your brand and your audience too. If they’re not, it’s time to get creative to update those outdated graphics.

  1. Pay your website a visit

We recently penned a great blog post about boosting the user experience of your website, so don’t delay! A user experience that delivers is your ticket to better conversion rates, SEO success, improved brand loyalty, and great lead generation.

Looking for ways to highlight where you can improve your user experience? Ask a few members of your team as well as individuals who don’t work for you to conduct a digital walkthrough. Use their feedback to enhance your navigation and site flow. You could also impress future visitors on desktop and mobile.

  1. Fix broken links and 404s

A website strewn with broken links and 404 errors (Page Not Found) can knock buyer confidence dramatically.

Fix those broken links! Whether they point to internal pages or external resources, and remove or get 404 pages up and running again to enhance the experience overall and keep potential customers on site – and happy!

Ready to give your website a spring refresh? Contact our team today for a helping hand.