5 Ways to Improve Your Existing Website

Since the internet began, we’ve seen many incarnations of cutting-edge website design, and whilst it’s safe to say that things have moved on dramatically in recent years, it is so easy to get left behind. Yes, everyday life is one thing that gets in the way when it comes to upgrading the look and feel of your website but as browsers become increasingly savvier (and more demanding), whipping your website into shape has never been so important.

Here we reveal five ways that you can improve the look and feel of your existing website and reap the rewards of a highly satisfied customer base…

Perfect your branding

Polishing up your professional image should always start with baby steps, and concentrating on the look of your logo is a great place to begin. Your logo after all is an important part of your business and thanks to its prominent location on-site you can rest assured that it won’t go unnoticed by your customers. As well as upgrading the look of your logo, always use a high resolution image for a crisp and professional finish.

Cut the clutter

A difficult to navigate website is certain to mean one thing – a higher bounce rate – but by simplifying your navigation and wider sitemap you can keep browsers engaged and keep essential functions, like purchasing products, simple and effective.

Clarity through content

Whilst a few years ago, lots of keyword heavy content was favoured by search engines and users alike, modern day website design thrives on simplicity. Whilst you shouldn’t cut the keywords and phrases completely, adapting your content to be more clear and concise will complement a sleeker design.

Make it an easy read

As well as cutting the clutter when it comes to navigation and making your content more user friendly, your choice of fonts can also make your website more engaging. Always choose fonts that are easy to read, and consider how your choice will look across multiple devices and browsers.

Put functionality at the top of your list

As well as having a beautifully designed website, it also has to work. Many experience mountains of problems when upgrading the look of their current website and working out all the bugs for a better user experience is vital. Your website designer will be able to assist in the transition from old to new, working out all the chinks in your armour along the way.