5 Design Trends That Will Take Your Website into 2015

2015 Web Design Trends…

When it comes to presenting your brand, looks matter. In fact, a pretty face and great functionality are two aspects that help businesses of all shapes and sizes build an enviable customer base online. But as one year comes to an end, and with 2015 in plain sight, many may be debating whether their website will keep up with the movers and shakers entering the market.

Here we reveal the web design trends that might just be making their way to your industry in the weeks to come, so why not get ahead and incorporate some of these ideas into your website today!

Multimedia madness

Whilst the one page website was the hottest trend of 2014, the rise (and rise) of multimedia features has been a close second, and 2015 will see this return in a big way! Less text and more pizzazz will be the theme for the coming year, with multimedia offering all the information consumers need on your products, services and wider brand.

Bye-bye Times New Roman

Arial, Helvetica and Times New Roman have been the staple fonts for many websites for as long as we can remember, but with the corporate veil fading and personality forming a vital part of the mix, fonts will be funkier than ever. Whilst this trend won’t apply to all industries, the desire for quirkier fonts will mean designers everywhere can flex their creative muscles.

Flat, flexible and oh-so-modern

For many years, the fussier the better was the brief provided to designers and developers, with many companies new to the web seeing these details as added oomph, but as 2014 proved simple and sophisticated reigns supreme. This theme will continue into 2015 with flat design and bold colours becoming a staple for companies everywhere.

Hand drawn and interesting

With fonts becoming more personable, it’s only right that any graphics on-site should follow suite. Illustrated images, icons, backgrounds and typography will become more creative with hand drawn images a must for retro or vintage style sites. Whilst this trend isn’t new, with a selection of companies choosing hand drawn graphics, its emergence will mean the use of stock images will become less apparent.

Here to stay…

Responsive design has been the most important factor of design and development in recent years, particularly with the increased use of mobiles and tablets. Designing for mobiles and tablets is here to stay, in fact many are already designing for mobile first over desktop.