4 things that will take your website landing page from good to great!

For most of us, the average website isn’t just a website. It is a carefully constructed, multi-faceted online platform that consists of several highly targeted pages. A vital part of a website is its landing pages, dedicated pages that are geared towards generating leads and ultimately getting those browsing to contact your business or place an order.

Whether your website has landing pages at the moment or not, creating a landing page that performs is no walk in the park. But thanks to our expertise in web design and SEO, the following blog post provides all you need to take your website landing page from good to great…

  1. It’s got to be fast

As you may have experienced as a browser, slow loading web pages are enough to put anyone off from investing their hard-earned cash in a product or service. Make sure your landing page doesn’t fall at the first hurdle by making it super speedy.

There are a number of steps you can take to improve web page load speed and performance, and it’ll certainly make a difference to your customer’s on-site experience and those profit margins. Choosing a reliable web host, using dynamic caching, deferring JavaScript, deferring and inlining CSS, and utilising lazy loading for imagery all sound rather technical but are easily implemented by a team like us.

  1. It’s got to be mobile friendly

Catering to a range of devices is certainly the way forward, which means your landing page has to be designed with all manner of devices in mind. Designing landing pages to be mobile-first is a tack we take, here’s why.

Smartphones are the number one way people access the internet and browse landing pages like yours. By designing your landing page to be mobile-first, you’ll be catering to the increasing number of people that use their smartphone for pretty much everything!

  1. It’s got to be targeted

Landing pages work because of how targeted their content is, but they can’t achieve standout success alone.

Every landing page should be perfectly aligned with a campaign and focused on a particular stream of traffic. For example, a social media campaign promoting your latest product range would contain a link to a landing page that’s targeted at people who are interested in this product range. Without this alignment, your landing pages will fail to convert visitors into customers.

The content of the landing page should complement and expand upon the content used in your initial campaign, as well as offer something of value to the visitor.

  1. It’s got to be transparent

Landing pages don’t need smoke and mirrors to be successful. Transparency and trust is integral to building a brand and this should be reflected in your landing pages. Use your content to sell yourself, not just your products or services. Share your USP and be clear about what it is you can do that your competitors can’t.

Let us take the hassle out of creating landing pages that really work. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we can help.