Five Ways to Compete with Big Brands Online

Can Small Start-ups to Compete with Big Brands Online…

If you’re a small business entering the online world of marketing, search engine optimisation and social media for the first time, the shadows of the giants in your sector can loom somewhat large and frightening – the Amazons, Apples and Argos’ of the web.

But despite the undeniable advantages that the big guys have, it really is possible to carve out your own niche and get noticed online if you’re smart about it. Here are five simple ways to do just that.

1. Give your brand a personality

One of the weaknesses of the big brands is that they can become a little faceless and stale. Because they have an established brand to consider, there can be little leeway for changing their online persona. You, on the other hand, start with a blank slate that you can colour with an imaginative, memorable and seductive personality as you see fit.

2. Create high quality, shareable content

If you have the skills within your burgeoning business to create impeccable web content and blogs posts then you’re already off to a winner. If not, professional copywriting is much more affordable than you might think, and is certainly worth the investment. Before they even think about purchasing your products, your content is the primary link between you and your site visitors, so make sure it makes the right first impression.

3. Reach for low-hanging fruit

Chances are, the SEO experts at major brands in your sector have got the ‘base’ keywords pretty well covered – things like ‘ladies clothing’, ‘online DVDs’ and ‘restaurant’. Instead of wasting time and money reaching for the unobtainable fruit at the top of the tree, look to make some of the less competitive keywords your own and reap the rewards of modest but steady traffic.

4. Make the most of social media

Social media networks are for the most part a free way to promote your online presence. In addition to obvious ones like Facebook and Twitter, look into sharing multimedia content on sites like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Spread your content widely, while keeping the quality exceptional.

5. Persist!

With few exceptions, big online brands grew from small ventures determined to make their mark. Every page-like, share, ranking place and conversion is a step in the right direction.