How to Write Your Way to the Top of the Search Results

Be Top of the Search Results…

When it comes to optimising your website for search engine success, content is still king. While practices and the use of content has changed dramatically in recent years, quality is the key to offering something tasty for those Googlebots and for your users.

Here we provide four content tips that could transform your SEO prospects for good…

Blogging isn’t just for people who have got too much to say

For many organisations, the blog or news section of their website is often rather unloved and under used but by embracing all that blogging has to offer you can keep your customers and the search engines coming back for more.

Through regular, industry-focussed blog posts you can become a valuable resource for those looking to purchase your goods and services. In addition to this, the blog presents an ideal way to inject a few more keywords and phrases into your website. Googlebots eat keywords for breakfast, lunch and dinner, establishing a vital link between those searching and your website.

Share the love throughout your industry

Sharing your unique industry experience and knowledge with the people who matter is the key to getting your website and brand the recognition it deserves, however, you can share your know-how in more ways than one. As well as offering regular blog fodder on your own website, partnering up with reputable and relevant websites in your industry can offer the perfect way to extend your reach.

Contribute to one or two websites on a monthly basis, formulate links with fellow industry experts and connect with a wider audience.

Crowdsource topics that your audience will love

Crowdsourcing is an excellent way to offer expert knowledge to the customers who shop with you as well as providing a great range of topics for your blog. Crowdsourced content involves you asking just one question to fellow industry experts, the answers of which will be published in a well-timed blog post.

In addition to establishing your website as a valued resource in your target industry, crowdsourced blogs can create a social media storm. Thanks to the use of opinions from fellow experts, you have all you need to extend your reach as those featured tend to share graciously across all our social networking favourites.

Freshen up your web content

Upgrading the content on your existing website could be just the ticket to improving your rankings. Over the years (or even in a matter of months in some industries) your business, audience and wider market will evolve, which will dramatically influence the keywords and phrases that are effective. By freshening up existing content and adding new and relevant pages, you can ensure the eyes of both search engines and users remain firmly fixed on you, not your competitors, whatever the future brings.