Why Does Local SEO Matter?

Local SEO…

In recent years local SEO has been treated like the new kid on the block in the internet marketing world, but as industry insiders will tell you, the concept and the strategies behind it have been around for longer than you might think. Getting the brand messages at the centre of your business out there to the people who matter – your customers – has never been an easy feat but with local SEO tactics, small to medium sized enterprises and start-ups are finally getting the recognition they deserve in their respective markets.

As a leading provider of search engine optimisation services, we have been helping businesses of all shapes, sizes and niches make their mark online for as long as we can remember and whilst mastering local SEO is only part of the puzzle, it will certainly help you rival the big boys in your industry sector.

The benefits of staying local

For many businesses, competing on a local level is something that is taken for granted, particularly as many markets and the companies that call them home are so quick to expand. The world is a big place with countless business opportunities available to those who care to work hard for them but shining on the local scene is just as important.

It’s a fact that the all seeing eye that is Google loves local businesses and in recent years we’ve even noticed an element of (slight) favouritism when comparing the results of campaigns run by large corporations and those lovingly crafted by small business owners. Ranking biases aside, Google is making it easier for business owners to increase their online visibility with locally focused updates becoming an integral part of online life. The popularity of browsing on the go via mobile and wearable devices has also made local search vital.

Quick tips for local search success

2015 saw the birth of individualised ranking results and the rise (and rise) of the local business online so it is certainly worthwhile giving local SEO strategies a go! There are many aspects that make local search success possible, including accurate and uniquely curated citations on local directory sites, local relationship building and content production. The power of the online review has also been realised by many in search of a local SEO boost, with a recent survey revealing that 88% of individuals read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

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