A Small Business Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

Many small or start-up companies may think that the tactics involved in search engine optimisation only apply to larger corporations looking for national and international success but this is simply not the case. Search engine optimisation (SEO) applies to everyone looking for a slice of the action online, and how you deliver this vital strategy can mean the difference between becoming a market leader and falling by the wayside.

Don’t let your business fall into the virtual abyss, make your website a feature on every search engine by taking note of these top tips for boosting local and regional success on the web.

Put the ‘O’ into SEO

Optimisation is the key to creating a website with great search engine and user friendly features, in fact a successfully optimised site can boost your visibility in relevant search results ten-fold.

Optimisation starts in the development phase and continues throughout the life of your company, and whilst optimisation techniques may alter as the years roll by and as search engines change their criteria, keeping up with these ups and downs will upgrade your ranking.

For local SEO purposes, buy and use a domain that contains your company name and location, whilst using keywords and areas covered throughout your web content. You should also incorporate your company name, address and contact number on every page of your site, not just your home page, to make sure it is sufficiently optimised.

List locally

Whilst physical copies of the Yellow Pages and Thomson Local are dying out, internet listings are becoming the way for consumers to find local services run by local people. There are a number of local listing websites and directories available, and building listings online is a vital way to boost local SEO as well as relay the details behind your business directly to new and existing clients.

Share and share alike

Establishing and sharing links is a vital and simple way to boost your online presence and bag local business both online and off. Social channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, provide the perfect opportunity to share links to your website and other resources, whilst communicating with your target audience direct.

Taking your SEO activities out into the community is also a positive way to build local visibility online. Hosting and sponsoring events and providing discounts for the community will raise brand awareness and provide plenty of link juice online!