SEO for 2015

SEO: 3 Things to Work on For the Rest of 2015…

Search engine optimisation or SEO is still a real mystery for many, particularly businesses that simply don’t have the time or expertise to keep up with the latest algorithm updates and changes. However, despite the enigmatic nature of the SEO world, optimising your website for better visibility, improved results and enhanced return on investment is as important as ever, particularly when every man and his dog in your respective industry has a website and associated products or services that they are looking to push onto their target audience.

Whilst algorithms change, there are some fundamental principles that remain the same and using the rest of 2015 to recognise and implement these is a must for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Here we reveal the three things that you should work on to ensure you can put your business ahead of its competitors.

Gain an insight

As any agency, including ourselves, will tell you, great search engine optimisation relies on a lot of groundwork but unlike our own competitors we make a point of communicating the importance of insights and the non-existence of quick fixes within the SEO world. Quantitative data around topics that sit at the heart of your industry and the audiences you are looking to connect with must be gathered to ensure an understanding of the market can be gained and used to influence your SEO strategy.

In the same breath, doing the same with competitive insights will ensure your current campaign and the next has the substance and subsequent success you desire. Results should also be measured and quantified following each campaign to ensure every effort can be made to improve your position.

Work in tandem

Good SEO relies on a number of factors, great content being one of them. Whilst many of the core strategies used by professionals have evolved, providing a foundation of content and SEO is still essential. Using content and SEO in tandem to enhance user experience and quality is vital, and various steps must be taken to ensure engaging content is created and distributed to the audiences who matter and the value of this content maximised across multiple channels.

Make it mobile

The use of mobile platforms, including smartphones and tablets, has growth exponentially in recent years, with mobile use surpassing desktop use, a fact that has meant many businesses have had to up their game to cater for mobile device users to ensure they don’t miss out on all-important traffic. Working with, not against, mobile platforms is a must for 2015.

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