Optimising Your Google My Business Listing for Success

For brands big and small, having a Google My Business listing in tow can elevate you higher than you could have ever imagined in the rankings. With some 100 billion searches conducted via Google every month, claiming your listing certainly pays. But with so many businesses realising the power of Google My Business these days, competition is fiercer than ever.

Optimisation is the key to ensuring your Google My Business listing is seen by the people searching for your products or services, or inputting queries that are related to your area of expertise. For local businesses in particular, claiming, verifying and optimising your Google My Business listing can put you up there in the rankings and get you competing with the big boys. So, how do you get started with optimising for success?

Complete all fields of your listing

This may sound pretty obvious but completing your Google My Business profile is the first and most important step for optimisation. Each field will provide valuable information for potential customers and make it easier for them to A) find your company, and B) find out more.

To complete your profile, simply click the ‘suggest an edit’ link. Remember, anyone can edit your listing (that’s right, even your competitors), so make sure it’s you who’s filling in the blanks. Make sure you log into your Google My Business account on a regular basis to check your listing and ensure no one has made any unwanted alterations.

Answer questions about your business

The ‘Know this place? Answer quick questions’ option isn’t just reserved for customers who have already used your business. You can use it to answer questions about your company and give those browsing your products or services the information they need.

Post to Google My Business

Did you know you can create posts that appear in your Google My Business listing? These posts act as mini advertisements for your company, and are particularly useful if you have an event, sale or blog post you want to draw attention to. Posts can even include images, calls to action and links. Google My Business posts stay live for up to 7 days after your event. Google will also be quick to remind you when it’s time to add a fresh post.

To create a post, visit your Google My Business dashboard and select ‘Posts’ on the left hand side nav.

Offer more ways to interact

Google My Business has some great features to strengthen your business’ online offering. Customers can now book appointments directly through your Google My Business listing. You can also message customers through your listing, but you will have to download the Allo app to do so.

In addition to helping you provide even better customer service, the customers who have already done business with your company can also leave their mark. Google My Business online reviews are a great way to instil trust and showcase the loyalty your customers have for your brand. 97% of browsers read online reviews before interacting with a company so make sure you encourage your customers to leave reviews after using your products or services. Don’t be freaked out if you receive a negative review either, respond to good and bad reviews to show your customers you care.

Need help optimising your Google My Business listing for success? Let our online marketing and SEO boffins assist. Get in touch with us today to chat through your requirements.