Keyword research – the what, why & how

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Despite the ever-changing trends that make the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) what it is, there’s one essential task that remains a crucial aspect of every strategy.

Keyword research is the key to success, whatever audience you are looking to target with your SEO efforts or marketing channel you wish to enhance for better visibility. But what is keyword research, why is it important and where do you even begin?

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is exactly that – researching the keywords and phrases that are important to your business (and the products or services it delivers) and your audience. By devising a list of the keywords and phrases that you’d like your website to rank for, you can give your audience exactly what they are looking for to unlock a long list of rewards for your wider brand.

The keywords and phrases you select should directly correlate with the search terms people looking for products or services like yours type into search engines such as Google.

Why is keyword research so important?

We all know the importance of good quality, valuable and targeted content, and your quest to tick all these boxes should extend beyond the words written across your blog roll. By conducting thorough keyword research that is specific to your brand and its target audience, you can identify the words and phrases potential customers use to find you and utilise them across the content that frequents your website, social media pages and other off-site digital marketing materials.

Brands who invest more time in keyword research have a better grasp of digital marketing trends, experience greater traffic growth to their website, and acquire even more customers thanks to increased conversion. By putting all the right keywords in exactly the right places, the chances of increasing your reach online also grow. Keyword research keeps engagement high amongst new and existing customers too.

How should I get started with keyword research?

Getting started with keyword research is easier than you think. In fact, there are countless free and paid tools available online that allow you to identify the words and phrases that are relevant to your business and audience at the click of a button. SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and Google Search Console are all top-rated tools for keyword research.

Throwing in a selection of long-tail keywords and their variants can also help you grab a fair market share using SEO.

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