Keep Your Website Content Fresh for Online Success

You could have the slickest, most stylish website in town but without the right content and regular updates, the products or services that sit at the centre of your business are likely to fall flat. Fresh content is the key to keeping your customer base engaged, a feeling that will most certainly see them continue their customer journey straight to checkout.

With the internet more ‘real time’ than ever these days, every update you make content wise counts. Fresh content will keep you and your website active leading to greater interactions with visitors, customers and, of course, those all powerful search engines. Still not convinced? Read on to discover just some of the reasons why fresh content is your route to success online.

Index frequently

Whilst we can’t promise that fresh content will always leave you indexing higher than your competitors, it is essential to indexing more frequently. From publishing new articles to adding new web pages, updating your content will encourage search engines to stop by for a visit more frequently. Each visit offers a brand-new opportunity to achieve higher rankings so make sure the content you deliver is high quality, engaging and up-to-date.

Fresher content won’t go unnoticed by your visitors either, with updates to a website generally resulting in lower bounce rates and higher search traffic.

Incorporate more keywords

We’ve all learnt some valuable lessons when it comes to overly keyword rich content, but keywords do still matter and play an important role in search engine indexing and ranking. Incorporating more content means more scope for keywords and with more content, you can integrate the keywords that are essential to your business and what it does more naturally. Adding regular blogs or articles to your website offers an ideal way to optimise your website for the keywords that your visitors/potential customers search for.

Increase your authority

As search engine optimisation specialists, we’ve come across so many buzzwords over the years, but one that has stood the test of time is ‘authority’. With fresh content increasing your authority potential is easier than you think.

By publishing fresh content that is both informative and valuable to your target audience, you can gain greater authority potential. Reviewing your competitors’ websites is a great place to start when understanding what it takes to become an authority site. Whilst content marketing strategies differ from industry to industry, publishing industry news updates and content on topics that are of interest to your audience is a solid step forward for those looking to up their authority online.

Delivering valuable content to your audience will also lead to greater levels of engagement whilst developing that long-term loyalty that market leading brands need to not just survive but thrive.

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