Investing in SEO

How to Make Sure you Get Value for Money…

Few businesses these days can afford not to invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) for their website. Even for relatively small businesses it can mean the difference between prospering and floundering, whether they’re targeting local customers or a worldwide audience.

But a warning has come from the other side of the world recently, and it’s one that businesses in the UK would do well to heed. NSW Fair Trading, the consumer protection organisation for New South Wales in Australia, has recently warned businesses to be ‘sceptical about grand promises’ made by SEO firms.

The organisation was specifically responding to hundreds of complaints made over the past two years regarding SEO companies that had failed to deliver on what they promised, or even not provided the service as agreed. It warned companies not to agree to any cold calling offers made over the phone, and to research the track record of an SEO agency before signing a contract.

How to get hold of hot SEO talent without getting burned

The fact is that while SEO can indeed get you to the top of the search engine rankings, you should be wary of any company that approaches you out of the blue and promises you the number one spot within 24 hours. There are unscrupulous parties out there who simply want to part you from your money, but there are many more that can provide great benefit to your website and get you the online exposure you need. So what can you do to ensure that the company you’re dealing with is the real deal? Here are three essential tips to ensure you get hold of some hot SEO talent without burning a hole in your budget:

  • Avoid cold calls and unsolicited emails – few genuine SEO firms will badger prospective clients. Don’t forget, they’re SEO experts – you’ll find them when you need them.
  • Check track records – A good SEO firm that delivers results will have a long list of well-known clients, and many will have testimonials and case studies on their website. A quick check of their social media footprint should also unearth the truth.
  • Ask about their SEO tactics – You should generally avoid any firm that promises to immediately turn your money into links and page rank without any intermediate steps. Opt instead for agencies that emphasise the importance of creating quality content and building a long-term online presence.