How to Engage With Your Online Audience

Engaging With Your Audience AND the Search Engines…

There are many factors that successfully optimise your website for users and search engines alike. Content is a major part of the formula and without a good understanding of the SEO copywriting basics your words may fall on deaf ears.

As experts in search engine optimisation and online marketing, we offer a double threat for the search engines that can boost your ranking and the browsing customers that could make or break your business’ success. Read on to discover the SEO copywriting secrets that could see you craft content that engages with both search engines and audience members alike…

Know your audience inside out

A basic principle of all content writing strategies, but one that many companies forget when crafting copy for their websites. By satisfying the needs of your target audience you will also be catering to the search engines and their passion for user friendly content. Gone are the days where content could be written with a highly optimised and often illegible hook, instead content that has a lower density of keywords and phrases reigns supreme.

Love lists

It’s not just the pages of your website that deserve some tender loving care in the SEO department, how you update your blog also works towards ranking higher. Update regularly with topical and user friendly content to increase organic traffic, lists are also particularly impactive and readable, with many psychological studies revealing that the human brain simply can’t resist a list that comes equipped with a headline containing odd numbers. Why not put this theory to the test?

Combine the use of a catchy headline with subheadings throughout the text to make it more readable and engaging.

Keep it long and juicy

Writing more is a sure fire way to get Google (other search engines are available) and your users on side when crafting both your website content and blogs. According to Google, the average home page word count is over 2,000 words, and these websites tend to rank better, whilst in-depth articles are more sharable and garner more links than rather useless, short blogs.

However, beware, don’t just write and write (and write some more) to please the robots, all content should be valuable and informative, so cut the gibberish! Use content both onsite and off to improve your ranking for long tail keywords too, not only is it less spammy, it can also enhance your traffic quality.

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