GA4 – here’s why you should make the switch now

Google Analytics has unlocked a plethora of benefits for businesses of all shapes, sizes and niches. With the right insights, businesses just like you can use analytics to see how browsers find your website, track exactly how they use it, and discover which pages they like best amongst other things.

Google Analytics is changing however, and with this, you’ll have more powerful insights at your fingertips to shape your business’ fortunes on the World Wide Web.

What is GA4?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s latest incarnation of analytics. But contrary to popular belief, it’s no new thing. GA4 was actually introduced some two and a half years ago!

GA4 does offer a major step up when monitoring and using the metrics that are generated via your business website, particularly when compared to the previous generation, Universal Analytics (UA).

How is it better than UA?

For the first time, you can analyse metrics across your app and website thanks to GA4. As more and more consumers use different devices to browse the platforms they buy their products and services from, GA4’s cross-platform capabilities have the potential to unlock the highest quality insights. These insights can be used to better serve your audience through your website and app.

What are the benefits of GA4?

The advantages of GA4 don’t end there. By using GA4, your business can enjoy better user journey tracking, accurate real time reporting, more configurable events, built-in debugging, and predictive metrics. Using GA4’s Exploration feature, you can also access advanced analysis that can help you craft a customer journey that’s as successful as it can be.

Unlike UA, Google Analytics 4 offers 32 more event parameters to enable you to examine the behaviour of your browsers even more thoroughly.

The biggest benefit of GA4 has to be its high standards of user privacy. Privacy is a priority in today’s society, and GA4’s enhanced privacy features mean more precise control over the personal data that’s collected to help you comply with the latest regulations.

Why switch sooner rather than later?

You may be thinking, if GA4 was released years ago, why should I switch now? Universal Analytics will stop producing new hits as of July 2023, which means the transition from UA to GA4 will finally be complete.

Making the switch sooner rather than later will not only give you time to get used to this new way of gathering metrics, but also enable you to build the historical data you need to make your analytics as insightful and useful as possible.

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