6 Steps to SEO Friendly Heaven

Small Business Guide For SEO improvements…

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is one term that many small to medium sized business owners dread. But unbeknown to many, the phrase doesn’t have to be followed by a puzzled look! Despite the many algorithm changes enforced by the likes of Google (the latest being ‘mobilegeddon’), there are a few SEO gems that businesses of all sizes, shapes and niches can hold onto to ensure they can get started and improve their website ranking.

Read on to discover the six steps every small business can take to improve the search engine optimisation credentials of their online platform.

Start blogging

Blogging isn’t just reserved for individuals looking to shove their opinions down other people’s throats, an on-site blog can actually be an effective and easy to manage tool for boosting the SEO friendliness of your website and enhancing your online marketing prowess. Keep the content you produce as accurate, engaging and relevant as possible and update your blog roll regularly.

 Work with an agency

Whilst many SEO agencies exaggerate their claims to get your business, our SEO experts know that results come with hard work. We’re proud to be different and with a proven track record have helped businesses looking to boost their rankings with a vital four step strategy. We aim to plan, analyse, implement and optimise to satisfy your users and the search engines in the same breath.

Get a handle on those keywords

The content on your website should be useful, user friendly and keyword driven. Without the presence of certain keywords and phrases, the Google-bots simply won’t know how to rank you and for what terms. Don’t go overboard though, make it readable and use research to ensure you incorporate the right keywords throughout your site.

Get listed

Directories are more than just the go-to place for finding local and regional services as a customer, they are also a great way to increase your presence, particularly when aiming to boost local SEO. Get your business listed across all directories to ensure your customers can find you.

Make it mobile friendly

It’s easy to forget that your users will utilise different devices to browse your products or services, but thanks to Google’s latest algorithm change, being mobile friendly is the difference between ranking well and being virtually invisible.

Track your success

As your SEO improvements tot up, it’s important to see which strategies work and which don’t. Your SEO agency will help you track your success so you can make the important decisions regarding what happens next.