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ClientT3 Security
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Formed in 2008 T3 Security have grown to become one of the UK’s leading security companies. Based in Newcastle, they provide a whole host of security services to clients both locally and nationally and their growing portfolio is evidence of their ongoing success in the industry.

Serious about security & their new website!

As one of the most respected and fastest growing security agencies in the region, T3 Security were concerned that their current website wasn’t reflective of their stature in the industry and wanted to invest in a new, fully responsive website that would give them an edge over the competition, improve their image online and promote the wide range of security services they offer.

One of the company’s mottos is; ‘You only know your security is good, when nothing bad happens!’ Well, the same can be said for your website and online presence…you only know your website and online marketing strategy is good, when it’s generating enquiries and driving new business to your door and that’s where the team at Onit come in!

There’s nothing better than working with a local company who are paving the way forward, setting new standards and raising the bar. T3 Security is a standout agency in the industry and it was our pleasure to work with the board of Directors to design and develop a highly visual, fully responsive website that would set them apart from the competition and give them a polished and professional image online.

The best website, for the best security agency!

From our very first meeting with T3 Security, they were very much of the mindset that they would “leave it to the professionals” to come up with a design aestetic that would really measure up. So aside from using their existing logo and corporate colour palette, we had a free reign on the design. Although we felt that this particular project needed a strong, bold feel with a professional edge, it was important to us to connect with the visitor immediately and make them aware that this was not your average security company.

The security industry is often portrayed as a male dominated, macho world, however T3 Security pride themselves on being able to offer a different approach to security and we really wanted to convey that message through clear, concise messages and friendly visuals that would leave them in no doubt that T3 Security are professional, approachable and would have their security needs covered.

Thank you!

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