Why Word of Mouth Matters the Most

As a digital agency we shouldn’t really blast the many techniques that are our bread and butter, but sometimes the old fashioned methods of generating leads have to be appreciated. Word of mouth has been a business breaker and maker for as long as any of us can remember, and with the latest advancements in tech, its power has only become greater. Online reviews make the experiences of previous customers even more accessible to the masses. You can literally Google any company and find at least one review of their product or service, and that’s a great thing for consumers looking to spend their hard earned money in the right place.

Here we reveal more about why online reviews are so important and how you can get your customers to give you a mention.

The new word of mouth

The way consumers shop has changed for the better. The world wide web offers limitless resources for people to justify their buying decisions. The blind purchase is now a rare thing, with people able to research everything from smartphones to GP surgeries before making a choice on whether they want to buy or visit. According to this research, 9 out of 10 shoppers read at least one online review before committing, and 94% say a negative review is enough to make them avoid a business.

As a modern day business, you face some stiff competition both online and off. Team this with your market’s increasingly savvy consumers, and you need all the help you can get to attract new customers and differentiate your business from the rest. Online reviews are an integral part of achieving these aims. They also help you to establish a strong online presence that is appealing to potential customers.

Getting more reviews

For businesses, encouraging customers to share what they really think online is a must. In fact, having no online reviews that relate to your company is just as bad, if not worse, than having a string of negative appraisals. There are many ways that you can encourage the consumers who have already shopped with you or visited your business to say a few words online.

Email campaigns that get customers to review your product or service are inexpensive to run, can be easily automated and have great levels of success if your content is on-point. Posting your review requests to social media is another way to remind people to share their feedback. Providing incentives or rewards in return for a review is another tactic used by companies. These rewards don’t have to cost the earth. Companies can inspire customers affordably with everything from discounts and vouchers to branded merchandise and sweet treats. What can we say, people love a freebie!

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