Staying connected with your customers during lockdown

The Covid-19, or coronavirus, pandemic has turned our lives upside down in recent weeks. The uncertainty, fear and harrowing reality that surrounds this horrific virus has been difficult to deal with, and is impacting everyone both personally and professionally.

The outbreak has seen communities come together despite individuals being so far apart due to the nationwide lockdown and social distancing measures. The government’s various initiatives and funds have offered lifelines for companies from all sectors as well as their employees. But, as we know from our own experience during the past few weeks, business owners still have a lot to consider when deciding how to best move forward during this particularly difficult time.

Using your time in lockdown to get round to those business bits and bobs you simply didn’t have time to do when your doors were open is an excellent idea. But you shouldn’t forget to stay connected with your clients and customers to ensure they come right back to you when life returns to normal in the not so distant future. Here we reveal how to stay connected with your customers and clients during lockdown…

Keep them in the loop

Whether you’ve had to temporarily close your business or continue to operate online, keeping new and existing customers informed should be a top priority. Don’t be shy about sharing your coronavirus strategy to keep them updated every step of the way. If you are remaining open for business, be sure to use these updates to put your customers’ minds at ease regarding the hygiene, safety and social distancing measures you’re taking to protect them, your employees and the wider community.

Update your website regarding new opening times or store closures. Be honest about delivery times and possible project delays.

Stay connected with the community

Everyone has to do their bit during this difficult time, and getting involved in local initiatives is a great way to leave a lasting impression of your business as well as support your local community. Help out if you can by fundraising for local food banks, volunteering to deliver essential supplies (like food and medication) or providing over-the-phone peer support to the most vulnerable.

Carry on marketing your business

The joy of the net is that even when trapped in your home, you can still reach new and existing customers in theirs. Take this time to expand your marketing strategies and explore new channels of communication. Writing a blog post, recording a podcast or video blog, creating a free download, launching a new email campaign and getting on the virtual networking circuit are all marketing strategies well worth exploring.