Stay sane & stay safe while working from home

With the majority of UK workers now remote working due to the Covid-19 lockdown, our homes now have to serve as more than just a place to live. Achieving that work-life balance isn’t easy at the best of times. With working from home thrown into the mix along with looking after ourselves and our families, stress levels are no doubt through the roof in households up and down the country. Add in the fact that we can’t leave our homes other than to stock up on essentials and complete one form of exercise, and staying sane is becoming just as much of a priority as staying safe during this difficult time.

With home our new HQ here at Onit Solutions, there’s no better time to share our tips for staying sane and safe when working from home.

Establish a new normal

With life as we know it turned on its head, we’ve had to let our daily routines slip. Establishing a new normal however is the key to making lockdown work for you, your family and your work life. Create that sense of ‘going to work’ without actually leaving the house, whether that’s through changing out of your PJs, undertaking your normal beauty routine or grabbing your usual morning coffee. Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day will also help to establish a new work from home routine.

You’ll find there’s time for tons more without that daily commute! Use the time you would have spent commuting the right way – go for a walk, listen to music, meditate, plan your day or enjoy a spot of yoga.

Take regular breaks

Your new work from home routine shouldn’t be all work and no play. The joy of remote working is managing your daily life on your terms so don’t be afraid to mix things up a little.

Whilst it’s important to keep working hours as regular as possible (you should still ignore those work emails after you’ve finished for the day for instance), taking regular breaks will work wonders for your productivity and creativity. Resist the urge to power through to achieve that early finish and take breaks every few hours just as you would do at work.

Create a workspace

Whether you have spare room or spare corner to work with, creating a dedicated workspace will ensure focus and productivity are at the heart of your new work from home routine. Without a clearly defined workspace, the line between work and home can easily become blurred.

Keep in touch

Whilst you can’t escape the chaos of your home in person, staying connected to the outside world is still possible thanks to the marvels of modern technology. Make time everyday to call, FaceTime or message friends and family members that don’t live with you, you’ll feel all the better for it.