Should you prepare your business for a second lockdown?

With new measures being introduced throughout the UK to curb the transmission of Covid-19, many of us will have questions about what is to come in this crazy, uncertain world.

Whilst no one can be certain about what else 2020 can bring, amongst the scary tabloid headlines, local lockdowns and even a nationwide second lockdown are seeming increasingly likely. Preparing yourself and your business for harder times ahead is therefore recommended. But where do you even begin? Read on to discover our top tips for preparing your business for another lockdown…

Prepare your processes and people

A lot can be learned from previous lockdown mistakes. As the unprecedented time was a learning curve for many businesses, there’s tons of information available on what other businesses are doing to prepare right now.

Review how your company’s most important processes will change should another lockdown come into force, and how deadlines can be kept and goals fulfilled. Think carefully about the people that make your business what it is and how they can work remotely should they have to.

Staff who have to attend your premises to work also need to be safeguarded with various health and safety measures. Whether you’ll be on-site or working remotely yourself, focus on how communication will be maintained, not forgetting to obtain up-to-date contact details for each staff member.

Get your supplies in place

Now, we’re not recommending panic buying but having the supplies you need to meet the demands of your customers is vital, particularly if you suffered shortfalls during the last lockdown. Consider the issues you encountered back then and make an arrangement with your suppliers to ensure business continuity.

Stage a Covid-19 drill

We have drills for fires and other emergencies, so why not do the same for Covid-19? By training and testing your staff, you can make sure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities should lockdown occur once more. By training, testing and fine tuning your plan of action you can be positively prepared for the worst.

Keep cash flowing

Many industry sectors have been adversely affected by Covid-19. Even after the first nationwide lockdown came to an end, the fall out saw many businesses suffer or even close their doors completely.

To make sure you survive a local or second nationwide lockdown, get your financial affairs in order right now. Chase late payments, amend your payment terms, review stock levels and even look into the support you can get from the government to ensure you’re in a better position to weather the storm.

Improve your online offering

During lockdown, many businesses focused their efforts on online marketing and sales, and this meant that they could continue doing what they do best despite remote working and reduced operations. Ensure you are digitally prepared to shift to online-only sales and marketing now so you can change your approach should you need to and continue facilitating a great customer journey.

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