The Hoppings…All The Fun of the Fair!

Newcastle has a year-round action-packed events calendar and The Hopping’s is surely one of the highlights for many a Geordie & showman alike!  One of Europe’s largest travelling fairs brings over 300 rides and attractions to the Town Moor for one week only and draws huge crowds…and usually rain.  If you’ve lived in Newcastle long enough and you get an unexpected spirt of bad weather in the middle of June and hadn’t realised that The Town Moor was here, you can almost guarantee that when you mention it in passing to another Geordie they will say “ah, The Hopping’s are here man!”

The Town Moor Fair was founded way back in 1882 and has gone from strength to strength every year bar a minor blip in 2013 when the Town Moor did not prove to be fit for ride purposes, due to the bad weather from the year before. It was believed that the fair would end after 130 years but given its popularity, the Freemen, The Showmen’s Guild and Newcastle City Council closely collaborated to ensure that in 2014, The Hopping’s would return.

The Hopping’s are a sight to behold and you don’t need to be a thrill seeker to enjoy it.  The sights, the lights, the smells and the sounds make this amazing experience for the whole family. Whether you’re looking to take your chances on a ‘hook the duck’, want to see what your future holds having your fortune told by a descendant of the famous Gypsy Rose Lee, want to touch the sky on a thrilling ride or simply fancy a bag of candy floss, you won’t be disappointed by a night at The Hopping’s.