Unlocking the power of content in your PPC campaign

Pay per click (PPC) advertising has provided a lifeline for businesses looking to make it big online without spending an arm and a leg on marketing. With the right knowledge (and a little help from us), PPC allows you to extend your reach, build your brand and drive targeted traffic straight to your site. To get even better value from your PPC strategy however, unleashing the power of content is a must.

We all know the importance of content, it’s an easy and affordable way to improve reach, optimise your website, engage with customers and ultimately capture quality traffic. But using content effectively in conjunction with your PPC campaign can make you and your business unstoppable!

Here we detail just a few ways content can be used in your PPC campaign to ensure better results all round.

Create lead magnets

We’ve all encountered a great piece of content at some point during our search history. These amazing and informative pieces come in all shapes and sizes, in the form of blog posts, reports, eBooks, white papers, webinars and videos. For the brands that put this valuable content out there, these resources are the ultimate lead magnets, so why not increase traffic to them to gain more leads?

Even the best blog needs PPC to garner the traffic it deserves, after all only a small proportion of web pages get found through organic search. Use your PPC campaign to drive customers to these lead magnets and aid conversion no end.

Invest in your landing pages

If creating lengthy, detailed lead magnets isn’t your forte, invest the same energy into creating your PPC landing pages.

Don’t just point the customers directed to your landing pages via PPC to any old page. Create unique, targeted and keyword optimised content that really appeals to them. You will have developed a list of keywords for your PPC campaign so use them wisely to convert even more visitors.

Let PPC influence all your content

Your content offering shouldn’t stop at your landing pages. Content plays a vital role across your entire brand from the posts on your blog roll and social media platforms to the copy in your brochures and other marketing materials.

Use PPC tested keywords to your advantage to enrich all the content you produce. It’ll not only help to generate leads and boost conversions but provide a consistent and targeted brand both online and off.

Need some help perfecting your PPC strategy or want to start off on the right foot? Get in touch with our team today for expert advice and assistance.