Top ways to boost your brand communication power

Keeping in touch with customers or clients new and old is more important than ever these days as businesses and consumers alike look forward and adjust to a new normal in this post lockdown world. Your brand communication strategy is a vital part of proceedings and a route to putting your business back on the map, whether you’ve been unable to operate during lockdown or have had to do things a little differently to get your products or services out there.

Read on to discover the golden rules of better brand communication during these uncertain and challenging times…

Put your best foot forward

Nothing speaks more than a genuine and honest brand voice. That’s right, these days you don’t need celebrity brand ambassadors or bold claims to make an impact. Authenticity is the way forward and by sharing positivity you can gain the word of mouth recommendations you need to succeed in your respective industry sector.

So how do you promote a genuine, honest and human brand story? Let your customers help! Your happy customers are the best advocates for great brand communication, so share what they have to say and build a trustworthy, authentic reputation with ease.

Concentrate on sparking conversations

No one likes to receive automated messages that could of all too easily been generated by a bot from the companies they spend their hard earned money with. Keep your authentic, honest and human brand voice going by sparking conversations with every bit of communication.

This one-on-one approach won’t go unnoticed by your customers, especially if you’re replying to a review. Strike up conversations with open-ended replies and make a positive, natural impression on your customers that goes above and beyond the usual “thanks for your feedback”.

Keep all your content relevant

The content you post, whether it’s on your blog roll or social media page, should always relevant to your target audience. By answering or providing information on queries that your customers may have your content will be relevant, valuable and, most importantly, shareable.

Every blog or social media post doesn’t have to end with sales speak either. Avoid overly promotional content and instead focus on sharing your knowledge and educating the customers who come across your brand. User generated content works well in this respect, so take note of what your customers are saying about your brand and use this to your advantage by creating content that really speaks to them.

Not every piece of content you post has to be educational either. Posting content that you know your customers will love reading will increase trust and enhance the confidence they have in your brand.