The problem with website builders – and why custom is always better!

When it comes to your business website, we believe only the best will do. Your business website is after all a representation of your company, as well as a platform that has the power to raise brand awareness, generate sales and subsequently boost your profits.

We also understand however that now more than ever business budgets are tight. But before you reach for the highly publicised website builder, which may be cheap, fast and made for people with no coding or design skills, read this!

Here’s the problem with website builders and why going for a custom build from a web developer like us is always the better option.

They’re not the best quality

If you’re looking for a business website that’s got all the bells and whistles, or at least some of them, a website created via a website builder is not the way to go.

The templates used by website builders won’t have the quality design, coding, search engine optimisation (SEO) or features customers come to expect from a professional business, which can put you behind better prepared competitors. First impressions count, and your website is the ultimate business card so let’s make it brilliant!

They’re far from custom built…

…In fact, a site constructed via a website builder is as generic as they get! You’ll need assistance from a professional web developer and designer to guarantee the results your business and its customers deserves, not to mention a swish looking site that’s on brand and works for the search engines too.

The limited pages and features of template website builder designs won’t serve your business and its customers well either.

They’re super sloooowwww

Website speed matters, so much so that businesses actually miss out on sales because consumers are too impatient to wait for slow loading pages or wade their way through long-drawn-out customer journeys.

Website builders and the platforms they churn out are free or cheap for a reason. Load time is often the first thing that they cut corners on.

They don’t perform well in search

Unfortunately, messy, unstructured code is all-too-common in website builders, meaning the resulting sites don’t perform too well for on-page SEO. The code for a site must be well organised and marked up for structured data to satisfy Google and other search engines.

Custom built sites can also be updated to incorporate the latest developments in SEO so you can keep your site ranking well whatever the latest algorithm brings.

Want a custom website for your business? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your grand plans.