The golden rules of great logo design

A logo has to have the ability to sum up your company and its values at a glance, which may seem like an epic and rather impossible task! A great logo that goes above and beyond an aesthetically pleasing visual however is possible, but what are the golden rules that go hand-in-hand with representing your company and its personality? Read on to find out more…

Go back to basics

The best logos are also the simplest, and whilst it can be a challenge not to over complicate things, getting back to basics is the only way to produce a logo that fits your brand and stays with you (and your target audience) for years to come.

Make your logo as simple as possible. It should stand out and be easily recognised, especially when compared with logos from your competitors. Make the logo sharp, defined, and coherent with your brand and its values. Avoid fonts that age badly, and relate your logo to your wider identity by matching or at least coordinating with your brand persona.

Keep it timeless

A logo that dates quickly isn’t the right choice for any brand. Whilst staying topical works for content and social media, it shouldn’t be your train of thought when designing a logo. Your logo should transcend the trends to ensure it can be used and is recognisable for years to come.

Take Disney and Coca-Cola as brands who have got that timeless vibe on point. Both of these brands’ logos have changed very little since their creation all those years ago.

Use simple shapes

Sticking with the theme of simplicity, it’s amazing how well simple shapes can demonstrate specific values and themes. Circles and ovals for instance give the viewer the feeling of unity and community, whilst more robust shapes like squares, rectangles and triangles denote power and strength.

Maximise colour use

Another way to trigger an emotional response from those viewing your logo, make your brand and logo more cohesive, and ensure your logo stands out from the crowd is by using colour to your advantage.

Go bright for an energetic, happy, youthful vibe. Yellow in particular is a great choice for denoting joy, which is why it’s used in the logos of many food and toy brands. Go for a natural colour palette if your business is connected to growth, safety or nature.

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