The biggest SEO trends of 2022

With the start of another new year comes a host of digital marketing trends to get our teeth into. The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) in particular is extremely fast paced, with trends evolving daily and weekly as well as annually. 2022 however promises a long list of long running SEO trends for businesses just like you and SEO specialists just like us to bow down to.

Read on to discover the biggest SEO trends of 2022, along with our top tips for optimising your website for success in the months ahead.

Focus on your Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals have been a focus for many since Google’s algorithm update back in May last year, and with greater emphasis on upping that page experience, measuring these metrics should become an even bigger priority.

Optimise your website with Core Web Vitals in mind by developing and designing your web pages for easy and safe browsing across all devices, and enhancing your HTTPS-security to make your website as Core Web Vitals compliant as possible.

Invest in long-form content

We didn’t want to say it but content is king, and will continue its long reign into 2022 and beyond. Content creation has always been a key way to up your SEO credentials, but whilst short form content plugs those gaps in knowledge for users visiting your blog roll, going long-form will unlock many more advantages when it comes to optimisation.

With Google’s new Passage Indexing feature, long-form content has an even bigger role to play. Passage Indexing will not only determine the subject matter of your post or page, but identify key themes in each and every paragraph.

By crafting and publishing long-form content on a regular basis, you’ll feature in more targeted search results to get your brand noticed by its core demographic.

Improve visibility across the search market

The Passage Indexing feature is also being used by the search engine giant to find more accurate answers for its Google Answers section, which means you could even feature at the very top of the search results and gain even better visibility with the right, relevant content.

When combined with structured data and natural, long-tail keywords, you can build content that will increase your visibility across the market, including in image and voice search.

EAT your way to online domination

The E.A.T. principles – Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness – should be prioritised when developing both your SEO and content marketing plans for 2022. Use keyword research, expert content, social sharing, and HTTPS protection to ‘EAT’ your way to online domination.

To find out more about the latest and greatest SEO trends or get the expert help you need to put your 2022 SEO plan into action, contact us today.