Penguin Real Time

It’s Coming Soon!

As an SEO and web design agency that takes pride in keeping its finger on the pulse of the latest goings-on on behalf of our clients, an algorithm update from our friends at search engine giant Google is of course always music to our ears. With news that the next Penguin refresh is on its jolly way, many businesses, both big and small, may be panicking about how the proposed changes will influence their rankings and affect their share of the online marketplace.

Whilst we can never be 100% sure of what joys (and terrors) another algorithm update will bring, being aware of how the online world according to Google is changing is an important piece of the puzzle. Here we offer an overview of what to expect from real time Penguin and how it may affect your practices online.

So what’s the skinny?

As the name suggests the latest version of Penguin will be in real time as Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, implied when news broke that an update was on its way back in July. The move to real time will make the impact of link removal or the use of the disavow tool super-efficient – great if you’ve been following the rules, not so great if you haven’t as a penalty will be on its way to you even quicker!

As with any algorithm change, adjusting your SEO practices to incorporate the new update is important. Whilst the premise of real time Penguin is easy to understand, knowing what steps to take online as a business can be daunting without the right help.

What to do now

Even though the new Penguin algorithm update won’t be happening until next year, with the boffins at Google admitting at the start of summer that the changes are months from being implemented, understanding how the online arm of your business may be affected and taking steps to minimise any damage is important.

With Christmas and New Year swiftly approaching, Google has confirmed that the update won’t be implemented until early 2016 but with expectations of its real time capabilities greater than ever its effects won’t take long to kick in. The update itself is of course long overdue, with Penguin 3.0 taking place some 13 months ago, but taking charge of your SEO campaign now could be just what the doctor ordered!

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