Marketing musts to see you through 2020

The start of a new year is the perfect time to hit refresh, but an expensive gym membership isn’t the only thing to be gained from a few well-timed resolutions. For those starting or running a business, 2020 offers a variety of exciting marketing opportunities to establish a venture or take your existing company to new heights.

As specialists in web design, SEO and marketing, we make it our mission to guide companies big and small through their own unique digital journey. With the right marketing strategies, every brand can flourish. Here we take a closer look at the marketing musts that you should explore right now!

Become the everyday advertiser

Marketing shouldn’t just be exploited when you want to share an update about your company. With the latest messaging technology, it’s possible to become the everyday advertiser that continuously connects with customers without breaking the bank. Whilst last year, it was Facebook Ads that took a number of blows due to its high costs and poor return on investment, 2020 offers new marketing channels that are much more promising.

With the eagerly anticipated WhatsApp for business and both Google and Apple’s expected messaging APIs for marketers comes opportunities to interact with potential customers everyday using the platforms they use the most. These messaging channels are expected to provide better success than organic social media reach, paid social advertising and email marketing.

Use thoughtful techniques

Data driven marketing strategies are no new thing and provide the best results when compared to other techniques, but 2020 brings a smarter way to connect with audiences. Once you’ve used data to identify your main growth driver, use empathy to guide your actions. Listening to your customers directly and being metric driven will guarantee incredible results.

Influence – the right way

Despite many reports that influencer marketing is dead, it’s still very much alive and is providing better value and stronger audience connections than ever before. Making influencer marketing successful for your business relies on one thing – choosing the right influencers.

Get into the minds of your demographic to identify influencers that will really resonate with them. Once you’ve secured the right influencers to work with, keep influencer content varied and interesting. Collaborate on podcasts, roundup posts and even on LinkedIn to create a buzz about your brand in the right places.

Educate the masses

Educational content is set to be a big hit in 2020. Give your audience the opportunity to gain something – whether that be technical skills, advice, training or inspiration – and profit from boosted reputation and brand awareness in return.

These marketing musts are just the tip of a very big iceberg, let us help you delve deeper into the world of digital marketing. Contact us direct to discuss your vision for 2020.