Is Pay Per Click Really Worth it?

Keeping a lid on finances is a top priority when growing a business, so we can see why many would be apprehensive about using their hard earned cash to boost their Google AdWords budget! By doing so and investing in pay per click (PPC) as part of your online marketing campaign you can reap a number of rewards.

Pay per click isn’t the mystical marketing method that most people think it is. With the right knowledge and content, your Google AdWords campaign can help increase your brand presence and profits, even in a short space of time.

Here we reveal just some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by small businesses utilising pay per click to build their brands.

Competitive search spots

Achieving those coveted top spots on the likes of Google and Bing isn’t easy organically. There’s so much competition out there, which makes crafting and executing an SEO campaign that aligns with your brand goals a must. With pay per click, you can improve your ranking power rather simply. The best executed PPC campaigns – complete with high quality ads and targeted landing pages – provide instant gratification.

By utilising a mixture of PPC and SEO you can harness an efficient and powerful way of gaining instant traffic and fast results.

Measurable results

The latest advancements in Google AdWords make PPC campaigns more measurable than ever. The devil is after all in the detail, and through Google AdWords you can see how your campaign fairs with estimated return on investment, visits, views, clicks and profits all visible. You can even break down your campaign by keyword.

Use this data to refine your PPC efforts further by swapping out poor performing keywords to enhance your brand power no end. Thanks to these measurable results, you can make sure every penny of your pay per click budget is spent wisely.

Small companies = big business

The success of your pay per click efforts depends on content and consistency, a fact that ensures a level playing field for businesses at all stages. Pay per click success isn’t defined by a brand name. Even small and start-up businesses can compete with large and long established companies to be seen by customers and rank better.

Boosted reach and traffic

The beauty of pay per click is that highly targeted traffic and increased online visibility can all be yours. With the careful crafting of different ads and the selection of specific keywords, all with your demographic in mind, you can not only enhance the quantity of website traffic but its quality. The additional traffic that your pay per click campaign generates all works to increase your wider online visibility, making your brand more recognisable and trusted by the masses.

You don’t have to start your PPC journey alone? Our team has experience setting up, managing and maximising Google AdWords campaigns. Get in touch today to discuss your pay per click ambitions.