How to Up Your Clicks

PPC Marketing…

Maximising your marketing potential has never been easier with the rise of the net but as the landscape changes so too does the strategies that sit at the very heart of success. Pay per click (PPC) has long been the weapon of choice for lots of marketeers, with the benefits of well-timed and carefully curated campaigns being enjoyed by many in recent years. PPC marketing however can be one of those strategies that is a bit of a money pit, which for businesses that want (or even need) to keep a tight leash on their finances isn’t great news.

With the right knowledge and experience however – two things our pay per click team has by the truckload – you can make your online advertising strategy a success story, not a drain on your bottom line. Getting as many clicks as possible, attracting the attention of potential customers and converting that interest into sales is of course the aim of the game but what can you do to make your ad a clickable sensation?

Select your keywords carefully

Being in the world of SEO and PPC, we must say and hear the terms ‘keywords’ and key phrases’ a good few thousand times a day, but still many businesses skirt over their importance, a mistake that could mean their pay per click advert falls on deaf ears.

There are a number of tools available that make pinpointing keywords and phrases relevant to your industry and your specific business easy, including Google’s own free keyword tool. Whatever tool you end up calling upon, use the findings to make your advert copy and landing pages as effective as possible.

Do a trial run

Google AdWords is a phenomenon on the PPC scene with just one of its benefits being that campaigns can be tested before they are made live. If you are new to PPC marketing then this trial run could save you lots of time and money, so test your campaign, analyse the results and make any necessary adjustments. There are also tools accessible for the monitoring and evaluation of live campaigns, with conversion tracking offering a valuable insight into just how effective your current offering is and in turn how your next campaign can be bigger and even better.

Make ad copy extra effective

Getting into the minds of the browsers that could be transformed into customers in just a click is of course the call of the day when crafting any marketing copy for your company. Whilst we’re no Derren Brown there are a few steps every amateur wordsmith can take to ensure maximum impact upon reading. Use emotional triggers, promote personalisation and think outside of the box when it comes to headlines to create ad copy worth sharing.

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