How to Personalise the Social Experience

Social media marketing offers a bevy of benefits for businesses big and small. You don’t have to have a big budget to make social work for you. Even the use of paid advertising provides an economical way of boosting brand awareness, particularly when compared to the rates of most PR companies. With social media users savvier than ever however, generic, one-size-fits-all social media content just doesn’t cut the mustard any more.

Today’s social users want content that’s a little more personal to them with each moment, experience and interaction as individual as the last. Personalisation is possible and it’s becoming the key to blowing customers’ minds without blowing the budget. The question is – how can you create better, personalised content that your audience really connects with?

Understand personalised marketing

Getting to grips with personalised marketing will ensure you get off to a solid start. Personalised marketing is the latest buzz term to take the social media world by storm. It’s essentially a marketing strategy built using audience analysis and data. Sounds like any other marketing strategy, right?

Businesses are collecting and processing more data than ever, even with the GDPR restrictions. This means an audience’s interests, behaviours and demographics are clear. Using this data, you can generate more relevant and targeted social media posts that offer better value to your audience.

Go deeper than buyer personas

Buyer personas were once the go-to marketing tactic, but your customers are so much more than personas thanks to the latest analytics. With the right tools and assistance, you can dig deeper into your core demographic, discovering their social media likes and interests, specific social media activities, page affinities, followed influencers and customer journey stage.

The latest tools bring together both social and digital data. These can be used in tandem to see how users move between social media channels and a website. Using this data, you can then get to work creating or repurposing content that aligns with your followers’ interests, your brand message and the customer journey.

Don’t forget about distribution

Personalised social media marketing isn’t just about content creation. How the content is then distributed will ultimately determine the success of your tailored posts. The joy of social media is that you can access both paid and organic distribution routes to get your content seen by the right people. Test using both to begin with and measure performance as you go. You’ll soon find the right targeting option to deliver content to your audience.