How to Incorporate Social Media into Your Existing Website

Social media integration…

Social media marketing offers an easy and affordable way to market your brand and its products and services to the wider public. Whilst businesses new to the net are quick to jump on the social media bandwagon, those already rocking an online platform needn’t be left behind.

With just a few simple tweaks to your web design, you can profit from social media whilst keeping your brand ethos at the heart of all you do. As the North East’s leading web design agency, we’re here to share the top tips that will see your website transformed into a social media savvy hub.

Why is social media integration so important?

These days very few people will be hitting your website organically, in fact, much of your traffic will be directed from your social media pages, whether your weapon of choice is Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Facebook. Whilst many businesses think that their website is the be all and end all, consumers are taking a different tack, discovering products, sharing their feedback and seeking great service through social media.

But your website doesn’t have to be cast aside, instead with the latest web design techniques you can integrate your social media status to boost your wider presence.

Your strategy for social media integration site-wide

Communication is at the forefront of any online marketing strategy and the same theory applies when utilising social media on site and vice versa. Our web designers can interweave social media buttons that complement your site’s wider design to make your presence elsewhere visible. In addition to this social media share buttons should be utilised throughout your blog or news section to encourage the sharing of your content and products.

Make it easier for potential customers and browsers to connect with you with social logins. Lots of websites are prompting their visitors to register and sign in using Facebook or Twitter so why not do the same, and open up a world of socially driven opportunities for both consumers and yourself.

Making your site social media friendly

The web design process doesn’t have to stop there, there are a selection of strategies that can be called upon to make your website social media friendly. Nowadays websites are being built with responsiveness in mind, so why not improve your visitor’s social media experience in one fell swoop? Variable content from multiple resources, including social media feeds, blog feeds and news feeds, provides a creative, functional and interesting web design alternative.

Web designers can go one step further by utilising Facebook Open Graph and Twitter cards to control branding on individual social profiles to present a united front to new and existing customers.