Google’s Mobilegeddon

What Does Google’s Mobilegeddon Mean for Your Business?

Delivering a great experience for users is a vital part of creating and managing any website, but with Google’s mobile focused algorithm change, alternative methods of browsing are now being thrown into the mix. Introduced on 21st April 2015, ‘mobilegeddon’ is actually making being mobile friendly a must for increasing your ranking. But in the wake of yet another algorithm, what does mobilegeddon mean for your business and how can you survive?

See what you’re working with

There’s an app for absolutely everything so why should checking the mobile friendliness of your website be any different? To coincide with the algorithm change, Google has launched a new tool, the mobile-friendly test.

Simply copy and paste your web page URL and hit ‘analyse’ to get started. In a matter of seconds your website will get the seal of mobile friendliness approval, if your website isn’t mobile friendly then this cool tool suggests a host of things to improve your outlook. Many of the suggested improvements are certain to revolve around your site’s web design, but by enlisting our website designers you can amend many of the issues that are holding you and your online platform back.

Improve your entire website

It’s not just your home page that could need a mobile friendly makeover, overhauling your whole website is always recommended, particularly when it comes to improving your mobile friendliness. In addition to making your website look good and operate well on any mobile device, ensuring links are easily clickable and scrolling is fully functional is important. During your website re-design, the size of viewable images will also be considered to ensure your site is just as speedy when viewing it on mobile or another device.

Make your changes heard

Whilst everyone is certain to be scrambling to make all the changes that will improve your site’s mobile compatibility, ensuring you let Google know that changes have been made is vital. Simply submit your new and improved mobile sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools so you can reap the rewards of a mobile friendly site long before the Google-bots stumble upon your website.

There are many more changes that can be made to your website to make sure it is as mobile friendly as it can be. Our website designers stay up to date with the latest and greatest mobile friendly web design techniques so you don’t have to.