Google Knowledge Graph Card

Could Your Google Knowledge Graph Card be the Key to Better Business Online?

The Google Knowledge Graph is no new thing, it was launched back in 2012 and instantly deemed the search engine giant’s latest breakthrough and a confident step towards a more intelligent search. The recent news regarding the ability to edit your Knowledge Graph card however is kind of a big deal for not just internet marketing specialists, like us, but the brands they represent.

What exactly is the Knowledge Graph?

The Knowledge Graph is yet another phenomenon introduced by Google to make searches more relevant for users everywhere.

For years, Google has been perfecting the art of the search and the Knowledge Graph calls upon an extensive database of information to make relevant material instantly available. This database is an epic catalogue of organised information relating to every single search, information that has been gathered by the Googlebots crawling the web. Thanks to this carefully organised data, users can now get relevant answers to their queries, plus additional information, on the search results page itself – that’s without clicking through!

Why is the edit function a breakthrough?

For as long as it’s been around, businesses and internet marketers across the globe have been calling for an edit function for their Google Knowledge Graph cards, after all who wouldn’t want to benefit from the accurate rich data that can be seen instantaneously by potential customers?

The new update won’t give brands full control, and will of course be highly regulated. Now companies and their ‘official representatives’ will be able amend and update their Knowledge Graph card allowing the organisations that are the subject to effectively control their brand identity, something that has been out of their control since the introduction of the Google Knowledge Graph. Improving the accuracy of content can unlock a number of benefits, and ultimately gives users the information they need to discover more about your brand and click through to your website to purchase a product or enlist a service.

How can changes be made?

From your Google account you need to identify yourself as an official representative and to do this you must make sure that the URL on the card matches your company website, YouTube channel and Google+ page. Your company website must also be connected to your Google account, you must be signed in and you should have Web & App Activity switched on.

Once you are established as the owner or a representative of said owner, simply click on the ‘Is this info up-to-date’ link, which can be found on the Knowledge Graph card itself, to suggest a change. This will then be reviewed by Google before the card is amended.

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