Digital marketing musts

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The digital marketing musts to get your strategy off the ground

Digital marketing opens up a whole world of opportunities for the business community. Companies don’t need huge budgets to produce results, meaning a level playing field for businesses big and small.

Digital marketing tactics unlock a long list of benefits by transforming the way you reach and engage with your target market. Cost effective, cohesive and completely measurable when done right, digital marketing can connect your company with new and existing customers as well as provide a fitting start to a buyer’s online journey.

With trends evolving almost daily, it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin. Here we reveal the digital marketing musts to get your strategy off the ground.

Take a closer look at your existing website

A digital audit is a great way to gauge exactly what marketing power your business needs and where. Take a look at your website page by page to establish what’s performing well and what’s not. Pages with a high or low number of visits and conversions provide valuable insights, and so too do pages where the bounce rate is particularly high.

Connect with the community

Word of mouth recommendations are still fantastic routes for winning business, and this applies to your operations online. Known officially as social proof, being ‘vouched for’ by a fellow company can enhance the trust factor that remains an important aspect of doing business online and off.

Use your digital marketing efforts to connect with the wider business community as well as existing customers to increase the positive reviews that deliver more leads.

Review the quality of your backlinks

Backlinks are a hugely important ranking factor, but when it comes to gaining the backlinks, you need to increase your website’s visibility in the search results, it’s about quality rather than quantity. To ensure quality websites want to link to you, make the creation of authoritative content that other sites want to share a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Go local with your SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is of course a vital aspect of digital marketing. Instead of thinking big with your SEO campaigns however, go local. Even if you’re targeting a nationwide clientele, breaking down your SEO strategy to target certain geographical areas will give you the reach you need to succeed online.

As part of your digital marketing crusade, be sure to complete your Google My Business listing, integrate location-based keywords and phrases, gain backlinks from local websites, and create blog content specifically for local audiences.

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